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Soft Winter Hands - Only A Mango Away!

12/10/2009 15:49

Mango Butter

We all love the sweet, juicy taste of mango in the summertime. But how about for your skin? Mango butter is one of Africa's go-to solutions for dry skin; this creamy butter is full of essential fatty acids along with antioxidants and vitamins A,B, C and E. When absorbed through the skin, mango butter has a soothing, softening sensation that works to dramatically improve dry skin while healing and plumping up lines and wrinkles and giving skin softer, more supple appearance. Keep a jar of mango butter at your desk at work and anytime your hands feel dry just rub a little butter on them. You'll notice fast results, not only on your hands but on any other part of your body you care to use it! To get your own mango butter Click Here. To find even more African skin care products just visit the Africa Imports web site or Click Here.