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    (0) Reasons Why African Fabrics Have Gained So Much Fame and Popularity

    African textiles and prints are forms of expression that define the real Africans. The art of designing, fabricating, and embroidering traditional African textiles is as old as time. There is no need for manuscripts or historical books to know about African history. These textiles can make you famil...

    (0) Explore Unique & Traditional African Wholesale Products At Africa Imports

    Africa is popular for its rich tradition. Its sculptures, weaving, beading, jewelry & dresses are in high demand throughout the world. An art form from one region of Africa may differ from the other depending on values, customs, and beliefs. Different dresses, jewelry pieces, and accessories represe...

    (0) New clothing for March

    New items arriving every week, see all of the new arrivals here                   Africa Imports has the largest selection anywhere in the US of authentic African art, clothing, oils, and more. Visit us here.

    (0) March Specials - Giant closeout sale

    Our biggest March sale ever. Giant closeouts on popular products.                       See the huge savings here! Africa Imports has the largest selection anywhere in the US of authentic African art, clothing, oils, and more. Visit us here.

    (0) Top 10 African Clothing Fashions of 2019

    See the video here See what others like most. Know what your own customers want from you – in this one minute video. The 10 best selling products from Africa Imports in 2019.

    (0) Isn't she stunning

      Photos from Erma's African Home Show. All clothing from Africa Imports. 

    (0) Last chance price specials

    Choose from over 40 big price cuts here. See generous price cuts on the last few left of each item shown here.

    See all the specials here The only thing different about the items on this page is that they are almost sold out. We dropped the price by a lot just so that we could save shelf space. Yo...

    (0) New ideas from Africa

    There is a new arrivals flier that you might be getting in the mail soon. You can see everything here right now though. There are new items, back in stock favorites, and some special price sale items. Visit us here any time to see more.

    (0) African Festival in Brooklyn NY 2019

    Get the experience of an African arts festival in Brooklyn NY here.     Africa Imports is the largest supplier of African products in the US. We hope that you will visit us some time also here.

    (0) T-Shirt Design Contest

    We have many designs of T-shirts we would like to offer. Vote for the T-shirt, you would want us to offer at Africa Imports this summer. Just click on the star of the design you want to vote for. Only one vote for user.

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