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    (0) Fall 2012 Retail Catalog Now Available
    The new African Clothing & Artwork is in stock and available now! Besides just handing these books out to your customers and potential customers, here's 3 easy and proven ideas that will help get more customers and generate more sales: 1) You can put a sticker on the book that says “20% off if y...
    (0) New August Wholesale Flier is here!
    August Wholesale Flier
    Come check out the latest fashions, personal care products, fabrics, and jewelry for the month of August. 80 items to view and purchase for your business or just for personal use.  They are being mailed out to our resellers, but if you can't wait you can download them here. We have some alluring s...
    (0) Hand written signs
    A while ago I made a mistake in a blog article about signs. I said that even a hand written sign can get attention from passers by. It is true that a hand written sign can do this. Especially if it says something really compelling like "$1.00 for anything in this box". I have found out since the...
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