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The Benefits of Anise Star Essential Oil

04/01/2009 16:20

What Is Star Anise—and Why Should I Buy It? | Taste of Home

With the warm, rich scent of black licorice, Anise Star Essential Oil is a fragrance not soon forgotten. For hundreds of years, this essential oil has been used to help treat digestive and respiratory disorders. Across the world, people will dilute a very small amount of Anise oil into a vegetable carrier oil and use to massage an upset tummy or congested chest. Anise oil is also commonly found in soaps geared towards the outdoors enthusiast, as it is said to mask the human scent. Many even claim that fish are attracted to the scent of anise oil.

How Anise Star Essential Oil Can Benefit You: Anise is said to promote digestion, alleviates cramps and nausea, cough, colds, and relieves flatulence, bad breath, and, especially in infants, colic. Either put a few drops of the oil in some simmering water and use it as an inhalation, or to send the vapors throughout your home. You can add a few drops to your favorite lotion and massage into your chest for relief from colds or coughs or stomach pain. For help in cases of insomnia, put a few drops in a glass of hot milk before bedtime. Click Here to get some Anise Star Essential Oil for yourself Find many more articles about natural health and beauty at the Africa Imports by Clicking Here.