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The cheapest way to get African products!

04/07/2010 10:54

One of many of our goodie boxes 

We never like to think of African products as "cheap", but we have a special new option for people with tighter budgets and who have some creativity to spare! We now offer goodie boxes full of pre-packaged African artwork, clothing and more! All the products sold in these boxes are sold at fractions of the regular cost. Why? The clothing may have very minor stains that will come off in the wash, and the artwork may have small cracks or imperfections. We inspect every item very carefully before we sell it, and these items simply didn't pass. However, they are still beautiful and many of them only need a run in the washing machine or a little super glue to be perfect again. Sound interesting? Check out the goodie boxes by Clicking Here! If you are a wholesale customer, make sure you are logged in to see wholesale prices.