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The Color Purple in African Fashions

01/14/2013 11:30

When it comes to fashions in Africa, almost everything has a meaning and significance. The fabric used, the design, the color all has a message. This Black History Month you can choose something that not only expresses your love of Africa, but has a symbolism and history that you can share. If you look in our new clothing section you will see a lot of purple kaftans, brocade garments, and more. Purple is very popular in African clothing, and when you look into the history and meaning of the color it's not hard to see why! In the Ashanti culture, purple is associated with Mother earth and healing. It is often used in healing ceremonies and rituals. In Egypt the color purple symbolizes virtue and faith, and is often worn during spiritual ceremonies. Throughout much of the rest of Africa purple is a symbol of royalty and prosperity. It is often worn by kings and queens or people of nobility. Some people wear the color purple in hopes of achieving prosperity or good luck.

A purple brocade skirt set hand-crafted in Nigeria

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