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The December Wholesale Flier is Available!

12/05/2012 12:02

Just in time for the holidays! The December Wholesale flier is here and available for download. Wholesalers should be getting it in the mail, but if you can't wait you can download it from the website. There is the wholesale version with wholesale prices, the retail version to give to your customers, and the "No Price" version where you can set your own prices. It is 8 pages of new fashions, fabrics, jewelry, and personal care products. The products will make great for gifts for the season. Inside, you will see the many different ponchos that will keep you nice and warm. 31 new African print fabrics are available. There are 10 brand new oils to choose from. Some of these oils are made especially for this holiday season like Peppermint, Chestnut Roast, Egg Nog, Gingerbread, Clove Essential Oil, and Cinnamon Clove. Click here to view page through it. or click here to download the pdfs.