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The fastest selling new oils - answers

07/19/2008 08:29

We added 17 new oils about 6 weeks ago. If you want to know what's selling best so far, here they are in order (fastest selling on top). The One Type (W) Burberry The Beat Type Coach Type (W) Unforgivable MultiPlatinum (M) Berry Bubblegum Cool Water (W) Gucci II Type (W) Deseo Type (W) Gardenia Gucci Type (M) Honeysuckle Diesel Fuel For Life Type (W) Diesel Fuel For Life Type (M) Magic Moon Type (W) Guess Gold Type (W) Chamomile Mango Papaya By the way, there are now over 230 oils available at Africa Imports. You can find your favorites on the full list of oils here.