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The Surprising Benefits of Fish Oil

06/04/2014 16:38

Fish oil supplements

Fish oil is a powerful healing nutrient that you may have heard of in the healthcare world recently. Doctors and researchers keep finding new ways that this oil can benefit us.

Why is it so good? Fish oil is one of the richest sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. What does this fatty acid do? It can help prevent heart disease, curb stiffness and joint pain from arthritis, lower your levels of depression, lower inflammation in those suffering from asthma, and some research shows that it can protect against Alzheimer's and dementia. 

Okay, I got it! What else is fish oil good for? Fish oil has been shown through various studies to speed up your metabolism. The Omega-3's in fish oil could help you burn an extra few hundred calories per day! Fish oil can also help improve mental clarity by allowing your brain to function on optimal levels. Studies have shown that shortages of Omega-3's can actually lead to an increased rate of aging in the brain. This is one big reason to not forget this vital nutrient. Researches have also found that fish oil may help to prevent breast and prostate cancer. This hasn't been proven yet, but it is an ongoing study that is showing promising results. The Omega 3's in fish oil help give the body the building blocks it needs to repair and build more muscle. Fish oil can help speed up the time it takes to recover from a strenuous workout. Find out more and get your own by Clicking Here.