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The Visitor - A Story of D'Jembes and Friendship

11/15/2011 13:15

Saturday night I watched a movie with my family called 'The Visitor'. I had been interested in the movie because I had heard such good things about it from friends and reviewers, and also because the story involves two friends who play D'Jembe drums. I was very touched by the movie, and loved how they brought African music and drumming into the storyline. The story is about a widowed college professor, Walter Vale, who travels to New York City to attend a conference and finds a young couple, who turn out to be illegal immigrants, living in his apartment. He ends up befriending the couple, and the young man, Tarek, teaches him how to play the D'Jembe drum. After being stopped by police in the subway, Tarek is arrested as an undocumented citizen and held for deportation. As his situation turns desperate, Walter finds himself compelled to help his new friend with a passion he thought he had long ago lost. 'The Visitor' is a great story of friendship and the unexpected twists and turns a life can take. There is a lot of great D'Jembe drumming in this movie, it's almost as if the drum is another character in the story. So if you get the chance I would recommend this for your next movie night! I'm posting the trailer for the movie here in case you are interested: Want to find out about African musical instruments? Just visit the Africa Imports web site or Click Here to go to our musical instruments articles section.