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Two reasons why time goes faster as people get older

09/13/2008 16:00

A lot of older people have always told me that life seems to pass faster when you get older. Here are two possible reasons why. An old man once told me that when you are young, a day is a bigger percentage of your life than it is when you are older. So a year to a 3 year old is a third of his life; but only 2% of the lifetime of a 50 year old. He said that this is what makes a day seem so long when you are little and so short when you get older. Another reason could be that God has wired us this way to remind us of what is most important in life. As a person gets closer to the end of their life, the time passing faster helps us remember to use or days wisely for the things that we were really created for; and to consider our creator and our lifes end more carefully. If you have any other ideas on why this is, leave a comment for others to see.