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Unity Carvings - Echoes of Ghana's Culture

04/19/2009 15:39

Unity carvings are one of Ghana's most famous works of art. They're known for their beauty, the genius behind their design, and for the extreme difficulty of carving each one. The wood for the unity is taken from the roots of different baobab, redwood, and blackwood trees throughout Africa. Only the most skilled artisans can create a unity carving, since they have to make it entirely out of one piece of wood. They must do this without breaking the wood or cracking it at all. If they do break it or get any small cracks then they have to start all over again. The unities symbolize the African struggle for freedom, and also represent the unity of the people. Seven headed unity carving To find out more about unity carvings or to order one online Click Here


The photo above shows an artist carving a seven-headed unity carving. Find more articles on African artwork on the Africa Imports web site. Just Click Here!