What difference does color make to body oils?



Bottles with basics oils isolated on white

People have different opinions about what color a specific body oil should be. Some people have very strong opinions as to what color is the right color for a body oil. Other people say that it does not matter. Here's some thoughts to help you decide for yourself.

Some people say that the color of a body oil normally should not make any difference to the fragrance or smell. When oils are made, the color is normally an odorless ingredient that is added to it. Some people would say that adding color is actually a watering down of the oil. It is often felt that a clear color oil is more pure and strong than one which is colored. The color in the oil can also cause negative reaction to some peoples skin. Although this is very rare, there are some oil manufacturers will not even make colored oils for these reasons.

Other people who have used a particular oil for a long time, know its color, and can sense even very small differences in the fragrance. People can be adamant that they know the difference between two oils for which the only difference is the color. Each persons sense of smell is unique. And the many people who notice the difference between different colors of the same oil can not all be wrong.


So is there a perfect right answer? The color has no scent of its own; but perception is a big part of what makes a fragrance work the way that it does. You can probably say either yes or no to this question and be technically right either way. To know for yourself though, trusting your own nose is certainly the best solution. Get yours today!

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