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What I would do with an extra $500 dollars?

06/14/2008 07:55

This is the idea sent in by Felicia in Dallas, TX 

1. I would invest 400.00 in two of the top selling products. One of the best products for me to sell is the Nag Champa Incense. I have found that if you just walk up to a person and say "smell these," they will purchase the incense without any hesitation. Almost everyone loves this incense. I would spend 79.95 to buy 12 boxes of incense. At 2.00 a box that is a total of$288.00 

2. I would Spend $60. on brochures: $20 on the skin care catalogs, $20 on the clothing catalogs, and $20 art catalogs.That leaves me with $260.05 to spend on product. 

3. I would spend $199.95 to buy 10 oil kits of the 1/3 oz top selling oils. 5 kits for women 5 kits for men. When I receive the oils I would put all the same oils together using a giant rubber band. This would prevent me from having to search for each individual common oil. At $7.00 a bottle, ($3.cheaper than the competition who sells good oil), that is a total of $840. 

4. That leaves me with $60 to spend. I would purchase a pound of shea butter and one each of the best selling soaps. I would break the shea butter and the soaps down using the drug dealer method brought out in the drug dealer method flyer. 

5. I would have 28.17 dollars left to spend. That would go toward shipping and handling since the whole $500 did not go to my vendor, Africa Imports. I would put gas in my car and go to one area and work my field. This is an area with barber shops, beauty shops, laundromats, nail salons, liquor stores, car washes, anywhere there are a lot of people already shopping. In some of these places you will have to politely speak with the owner, Maybe give the owner a sample and a brochure. Get the owner's phone number and call. This works well for me now. I sell out of my oils and incense in the same day, but since I would have more than I usually order, I am giving myself a three day goal with eight hour work days. I would pick three of the busiest most lucrative days, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. On average it takes about three to four days to receive your shipment. Place your order on Monday morning before 11:00 A.M. The shipment will more than likely come Thursday morning. Your business cards will be there by then also. You can go to work at lunch time and be finished by 7:00 in the evening before the sun goes down. To everyone that buys body oils, I would pass out a brochure of their choice. I would then find out their skin type and give them a sample shea butter and a sample soap. I would get their name and phone number and do a follow up call the following week. To the people who buy the incense, I would put a label on the incense box with my name and phone number on it. I would put a sample drop of oil on their wrist for them to remember. I would also inform these people that I have skin care products, and I would give them a sample shea butter and soap. I would also get their name and phone number and do a follow up call the next week. 

Anyway you will have made an average of $1,128 after approximately three days of work off of oils and Incense. You have made your $500. back and made a $628 profit. You can let people know you make gift baskets as well. You can go to a dollar store and buy cheap supplies for the gift baskets. You can also do an oil and incense package for $10. This idea would increase your profit. Instead of $1,128. you would make an average $1,272. You could spend $1000. and pocket about $272. What ever you choose, but make sure you continue to flip your money. Do not forget to get all the people's names and phone numbers and write down what type of fragrance they bought and if they bought oil or incense or both. And write down their skin type and the type of sample soap you gave them. This is good customer service. This will build up your customer base. Do a follow up the next week to let your customers know you will be calling them to see if they need anything in the future.