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What is Mudcloth?

10/14/2008 16:31

Mudcloth has been one of the most important products for Africa Imports. We have sold more mudcloth than almost any other product that we offer ever since we started business in 1998. Mudcloth is an amazing fabric; with an amazing and interesting history. Mudcloth is a hand woven, hand spun, and hand painted textile from Mali West Africa. If you want to see the history of mudcloth; and find out what the symbols and colors of this fabric mean, there is a free article here. I have told people that there is probably no one in the world who has handled more mudcloth than I have. I don't know if this is really true; but I have got to be among the top 10 or something. I have seen people in love with mudcloth for hundreds of different reasons. Cloth fabric is one of the most versatile products imaginable. People use African fabrics in clothing, for home decorations, for crafts, and for dozens of other uses. The most popular use is probably just for the beauty of fabric itself without making something new from it.

Mudcloth is an amazing fabric. Find out what makes mudcloth so special here. Check out a huge selection of affordable African products by clicking on the links below!

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