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Why are Africa Imports shipping costs different online than in the catalog?

02/09/2009 14:06

Sometimes people email or call me about their shipping costs being too high or too low when they place their order online. The Africa Imports catalog shows the shipping costs based on the cost of your order. The website computes the cost based on the actual UPS cost for delivering the package based on the weight and delivery location. connects with UPS and Fedex to get the exact shipping cost for the weight and location of your order. Some orders are charged less than the amount shown in our catalog because they weigh less than average (such as orders for jewelry etc.) and some are charged more (such as orders for the same value of wood carvings or something else that is relatively heavy). Africa Imports does not want to charge our customers too much (or too little) for shipping costs. Not only is it sort of morally wrong, we don't want a good customer to feel that they have been overcharged by us. We therefore go through all the shipping charges once a month to find orders where too much or too little was charged for shipping. When we find orders that have been charged too much (by a significant amount), we refund the customers who have been overcharged this way. If you ever think that your shipping cost is not right, you can call or email us to let us know, and we will do whatever we can to try to make things right for you.