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Why are there 3 Africa Imports retail catalogs?

12/28/2009 15:22

Because it gives you three ways to get new customers. You also get more chances to get your past customers to come back again. Having three catalogs instead of one also saves you money. We asked our customers what they liked best: one big catalog, or three small ones. Having three small Africa Imports catalogs was better for them. Here's why. 1. Because different customers want different things. If a customer is interested in only clothing; or just oils; you can give them a catalog with the products that they want most 2. Because you can get new sales with each one. If someone likes all of the different products, you can give them all three catalogs. You can give them one now; a second later; and the thrd one later still. Most people will look at everything you offer more this way. You can end up with three sales to one customer instead of just one. 3. Because you can spend the right amount on catalogs for each different customer. You don't need to buy an expensive big catalog for someone who only wants one type of product. So you save more money. Africa Imports retail catalogs have the higher retail prices, so your customers don't see what you are paying. These also do not have Africa Imports name or other information printed in them, so your customers come back to you when they want something. You can see all three Africa Imports retail catalogs here. You can print them out, or email the pdf file to your own customers. Africa Imports website shows over 2,000 different products. Our catalogs show about 900 different products. You get the biggest selection of African clothing, gifts, oils, soaps, drums, African fabric, and artwork anywhere here.