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Your Help Buys New Cupboards For Moukondo Orphanage

03/10/2010 12:15

New Cupboards 

At Africa Imports, a percentage of the money we make goes towards supporting the Moukondo Orphanage in The Senegal. We pay for the cost of meals and expenses for about 200 orphan children. 

Here’s what a friend of ours who works with the orphanage said when she sent us this photo. "I wanted you to see the finished product of the cupboards that were made for the Moukondo Orphanage. They are just super - the kids are so happy to have a "place" that is for them. The teenagers all rec'd a locked cupboard to keep their school books and clothes. Smiles everywhere!! They are well done - the carpenter did red wood that will not warp and will give years of service even with hard usage."

New Cupboards New Cupboards

"This is the dish cupboard - it is so good. After dishes washed and dried then put in here instead of being in open and flies and dirt all around. Lord bless and keep you. Thank you for your kind generosity." So we want to say thank you to our customers. Each purchase made from Africa Imports has a percentage that is given to this orphanage and another orphanage in the Congo. Without your purchases we wouldn't be able to support these places. To find out more about the orphanages we support just Click Here.