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    (0) Meet Moira

    Miora lives in Madagascar, where she teaches young children.
    (0) Customer Spotlight - Andrew in Rantoul, IL

    14 yrs ago our daughter inquired why we weren't selling any of the products
    she had seen used and smelled...

    (0) Making a Difference

    After school some of the kids shown here go home to teach
    their own mothers to read. These children all come from
    very poor homes, and could not easily afford to go to school
    normally. Your purchases pay most of the costs of Good News
    school on Lake Tanganyika where they (and 150 other children)

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    (0) Customer Spotlight - Angelea in McKeesport, PA

     I started using Africa Imports after doing a DNA test and finding out i was 90% West African. I wanted to start a business to provide
    more products to my neighborhood that are made for people of African descent. 

     I purchased the easy business startup kit and sold my kit the first...

    (0) Dashiki: Traditional African Attire & Its Untold History

    Dashiki might not appear exactly the way in its present state. Trendy streetwear that is associated with the intricate and recognizable “Angelina Print”. The reality is a bit different. A strong story of black resistance and African innovation supports this garment. The word “dashiki” has its origin...

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    (0) Customer Spotlight - Tangya in Decatur, AL

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