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    (0) Success Test

    Success Test

    You have probably already heard that most businesses fail in the first year. There are different reasons for this; and they can usually be boiled down to two basic problems 1. Not knowing what works 2. Not doing what works One time, we asked people who were just starting in our busi...

    (0) Success stories

    Success stories

    New ideas might be just what you need. There are hundreds of people running successful African businesses right now. If you aren't one of them (or even if you are); you can find some new ways to improve yourself and your business by seeing what's working for other people doing the sa...

    (0) How to reach your goals

    At the beginning of the year, you are probably planning your new goals and resolutions. To help yourself reach your goals, be prepared for the problems you will meet. Read on to find the two main reasons that people fail to reach their goals.

    Even if your business has great success when you start, y...
    (0) Why are we making this Blog - What's in it for you

    1. I really want to see our customers succeed.

    2. I also want to know what you do that helps make your business succeed. 3. I want to know more about things you need and want from Africa Imports. My name is Wayne Kiltz, and I am the owner of Africa Imports, and the moderator of this blog. May...
    (0) How to get customers to come to you

    Have you ever gone to visit your customers, and arrived when they were gone or not able to talk with you?

    Have you ever spent hours setting up the perfect display, and had only a few people stop to see what you have? Have you spent hours learning all of the benefits that your products can give to p...

    (0) New Kofi Hat

    New Kofi Hat

    It's new. This new and original design mudcloth kofi hat is completely authentic. Fully hand made in Burkina Faso, West Africa, with hand spun and hand painted mudcloth. And to move you to an even higher level of distinction, hand leather work has been added to the brim and to the top....

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