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    (0) Upgrade Your Look with An African Printed T-Shirt

    If you have a printed t-shirt but you want to upgrade it with a new one, then African Print t-shirt is the best option for you to go with! These t-shirts having African prints define different cultures and aspects of the Africa country. Not just the print, but you will also find the quality at its...

    (0) The Benefits of Playing African drums

    You must have heard about African drums which are also called as the djembe. But these drums aren’t just played on special occasions but also to heal your mind and provide other health benefits. The sound vibe offered by these drums brings some kind of sensation to ears. Some of the normal benefit...

    (0) Reasons to Choose Natural Black African Soap to Help Treat Common Skin Issues

    African black soap, also called as the black soap is the latest skin care product that will keep your skin in a good condition. It is considered as the best solution for breakouts, stretch marks, and other skin issues. Unlike other soaps in drugstores, these authentic black soaps are handmade and ...

    (0) Add Style To Your Hair with Cowrie Shells

    Cowrie shells carry different meanings. They are commonly used in the form of jewelry and money. Many African women use Cowrie shells on their hair as an accessory for trendy design purposes. Traditionally, these shells carry certain meaning.

    Cowrie shells are known to bring success in the form o...

    (0) How To Use Each Of The Top 10 Essential Oils

    It’s well known that stress is related to skin conditions such as under-eye bags, dark circles and acne. Essential oils are an excellent choice if you are trying to rejuvenate your skin and treat minor skin conditions. They also offer extra benefits such as relaxing your body, helping you sleep well...

    (0) Customer Spotlight - Marcella in Laurel, MD

    I really appreciate the fact that many African children benefit from their
    sales. My best selling item is the small Djembe Drum. My customers are
    always very satisfied.

    ~ Marcella in Laurel, MD

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    (0) Six Best African Headwrap Styles in 2021

    Available in numerous colors and designs the African head wrap is a bold cultural and fashion statement that can help you on days when you are lazy to style your hair. It comes with unlimited prints and designs, and usually 72 inches in length.

    African print headwraps originated from ub-Saharan Afr...

    (0) Customer Spotlight - Patricia in Pelahatchie, MS

    The products that I love are the fragrance oils and
    wellness soap. I am slowly finding my groove in what I
    like and my customers. I use every product before I
    promote and sell it. My end goal is to have  a small
    storefront for my family and my people.

    ~ Patricia in Pelahatchie, MS

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