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    (0) How Natural Black African Soap Helps to Treat, Moisturize and Prevent Problematic Skin

    When it is about taking good care of your skin, you have to start from the basics. A bar of soap is something that comes in direct contact with your skin and has a lot of potentials to revitalize or damage it. While looking for the best nourishing soaps, black soap, the natural handmade product fr...

    (0) What are the Benefits of Pure Organic Unrefined Shea Butter for Skin and Hair?

    If you care even a tiny bit about your skin, you probably must have heard about Shea butter. It is derived from the Shea trees found in Africa and is off-white in color. This ingredient is a staple in skincare products made to give moisture to the skin and keep it soft and refreshed.

    The organic ...

    (0) Three Best Super Food Powder for Athletes

    Taking good care of the body and health is everyone’s duty! But when it comes to the athletes, nutritional need increases as their activity level is super high. It is vital for them to include the best superfood powder in their diet to ensure good performance, endurance, and good health. Although th...

    (0) Important Things to Know Before Buying Djembe Drum

    Thinking of the Djembe drum gives an instant picture of the African tribes. It is a popular musical instrument that gives the joyous and most enjoyable vibe when played. Initially, it got played only in the African culture, but this instrument has now found a place in Thailand, Mexico, and other p...

    (0) 5 Popular Stylish Types of Traditional African Jewelry

    Jewelry is more than just a way to adorn the body. It is more of possession for every woman. If you have enough gold, diamond, and other precious stones and want to try something new now, traditional African jewelry is a good option. These handmade beaded necklaces and bracelets make a unique styl...

    (0) Importance of Traditional African Clothing for Ladies in Modern Fashion Era

    Traditional African clothing has a great influence of the African culture. From the fabric that the tribals used to the design, everything spoke a lot about their beliefs. Most of the information about traditional African clothingis derived from the historical stories and the traditions that the m...

    (0) Customer Spotlight ~ Tim in Eugene, OR

    We have been operating for 3 years now. We manufacture
    all-natural probiotic deodorant for men and women as well as
    natural hair styling clay for men. From day one I have been using
    both your essential oils and fragrance oils to scent my products and
    have never wavered in my commitment to purchasin...

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    (0) Customer Spotlight- Teremayi in Australia

    ~From Teremayi in Australia 

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