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    (0) Customer Spotlight - Miriam in Salisbury, NC

    I am doing business even in this pandemic,  but doing it very safe.
    There is no particular item that I can give a huge shout out about because
    its all been a great hit.

    ~ Miriam in Salisbury, NC

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    (0) Making a Difference

    Can you pass mask wearing 101?

    Maybe you are also better at wearing a mask than these first-year medical students in Zambia.

    (0) Customer Spotlight - Michelle in Chester, VA

    ~Michelle in Chester, VA

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    (0) Making a Difference

    Faly and Holy (mother) just had their first child (Phineas) in Madagascar.
    (0) Customer Spotlight - Debbie in Cocoa, FL

    ~ Debbie in Cocoa, FL

    (0) Today's Free Giveaway
    Today's Free Giveaway

    (0) Tour Dee's apartment

    ~ Dee in Seattle, WA
    (0) Customer Spotlight - LaRita in Conway, SC

     ~ LaRita in Conway, SC

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