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    (0) Kasama village
    The water well in Kasama village in Zambia has dried up due to climate change.
    (0) School in rural Zambia
    Your purchases from Africa Imports, help to pay the living costs of the people who run this school in rural Zambia.

    (0) How full is a completely full bottle of oil?

    10 African Inspired Gift Ideas for Father's Day
    (0) 10 African Inspired Gift Ideas for Father's Day

    In most of Africa, just like in the US, Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. It's the perfect time to show appreciation to fathers and father figures in our lives.

    Most dads are difficult to shop for. If you have ever asked dad what he wanted for Father’s Day and heard the reply ...

    (0) The Best Gift Ideas for Moms In 2022

    It is hard to find perfect gift for a mom. How to express all your love, respect and gratefulness with a normal product idea seems impossible.

    African Mother’s days have less focus on gifts than we normally see in the US. Personalizing a gift around your mother’s loves and interests is stil...

    (0) Today's Free Giveaway

    (0) Today's Free Giveaway

    (0) How To Make Your Own Perfume From Body Oils

    With the price of everything steadily increasing, it can be hard having to keep up with purchasing items like perfume. Brand name perfumes and fragrances can often go from anywhere from $50 all the way up to well over $100. You can very easily get around these sky-high prices by making your own...

    (0) Today's Free Giveaway

    (0) Today's Free Giveaway

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