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Cannabis Incense Cones (12 Pack Box)

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About this product

If you want a fresh, clean scent to help you neutralize the strong aroma of cannabis, then try these Cannabis Incense Cones (12 Pack Box). Don’t let unwanted scents linger—this incense quickly helps to combat a lingering cannabis scent. It has a natural, fresh, flowery fragrance. These high-quality incense cones are traditionally hand rolled in India according to ancient traditions with pure and natural ingredients. Incense cones help you relax, reduce mental worries and speed up concentration. Don’t worry about unwanted scents any longer—get these incense cones and your place will smell great in no time. 12 packs of 10 cones each. M-988

Note: These incense cones do not smell like cannabis. They are meant to cover up the scent of cannabis.

Directions: Light the end of the Cone. Blow out the flame when the end glows. Then place the Cone in an incense burner or on a heat resistant surface.

Caution: Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Never leave a glowing Cone unattended.

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