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    Summer 2022 Wholesale Catalog

    Page Turning Version
    PDF to view or save - 100 pages
    2022 Summer Retail Catalog

    Print for your customers with retail prices listed.

    2022 Summer Catalog - No Prices

    Print for your customers with no prices listed.


    July Flyer

    See the July 2022 Wholesale Flyer
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    Retail Version
    No Price Version


    Health & Beauty Retail Brochure

    Health & Beauty Retail Handout
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    Retail Oil List

    Digital copies only

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    Hear about printed catalogs

    Personal Care Retail Catalog

    Digital copies only 

    Personal Care Catalog

    2018 Vol 22 Personal Care - X-003
    Catalog 64 Pages

    Retail version
    Page-turning version

    Clothing & Artwork Retail Catalog

    Digital copies only 

    Clothing Artwork Retail Catalog

    2020 Vol 16 Clothing and Art - X-006
    Catalog 103 pages

    Retail version
    Page-turning version


    Click on any catalog to view. You can also print out or download and save a copy of any catalog shown here (You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these downloadable versions, Download Adobe Acrobat Reader).

    How to give catalogs to your customers

    You can download the catalog onto your own computer, and then share it with others. The file is large, and may be difficult to email. You can share big files with Dropbox or other file sharing services.

    How to get printed copies

    Printed copies of catalogs are mailed to our existing customers whenever they are printed. You will be mailed one if you have purchased from us any time in the last two years. If there is anything that you want to order, a copy of the most recent printed catalog will be sent to you with your order. You will also then be on our mailing lists to receive new catalogs when they are available.

    Does this catalog show all of the Africa Imports products?

    Only the best selling items are shown in the printed catalogs. Everything is shown on our website. When something new is added, it appears on the website automatically. When something goes out of stock, it is removed from the website automatically.

    There are about 3,000 products on our website, and about 1,000 products in the largest printed catalog. Many items do not have enough items in stock to list in the printed catalog. There are about 100 new products added each month in between printed catalogs. You can always see everything here.

    I love the catalogs. It is a definite ice breaker for a conversation to a potential client. ~ Ed in Raleigh, NC

    At the post office a postal clerk noticed the envelope and made a comment. I presented her with a shea butter sample and two brochures. She shared the brochures with co-workers and now we have three satisfied customers at our local post office. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! ~ Zakia in Richmond VA