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    Celebrating Independence Day in Gambia - February 18

    Women Celebrating Gambia Independence Day

    Today marks the anniversary when the British West African colony became a self-governing commonwealth in 1965. It was the first African nation conquered by the British and became the 21st member of the Commonwealth, as well as the 116th member of the United Nations.

    How is it celebrated?

    People gather in the town of Banjul at McCarthy Square with a march led by school children, civil servants, the army, teachers and others in front of the President and other dignitaries.

    Gambia Fun Facts:

    Over 85% of the people of Gambia are Muslim, with the remainder holding either Christian or animist beliefs. Salaam aleikum (‘Peace be upon you') is the traditional greeting. Visitors should remember that the right hand, not the left, must be used for the giving or receiving of food or objects. Find out more about African holidays by visiting our Holidays Page.


    Shani Davis

    Shani Davis is one of the speed skaters at this years Olympics held in Vancouver, BC. At the 2006 Winter Olympics, Davis became the first black athlete to win a gold medal in an individual Winter Games sport (1,000 m) and the fifth black Winter Olympics medalist!

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