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    Celebrating National Day in Libya - September 1st

    On Tuesday, September 1st, the people of Libya will be celebrating National Day, also known as Revolution Day. This day commemorates the day in 1969 when the monarchy of King Idris I was overthrown by the Libyan military officers. Until then the country's wealth was being given only to the country's elite and it was creating much despair among the people. The new regime, headed by the Revolutionary Command Council (RCC), abolished the monarchy and proclaimed the new Libyan Arab Republic. The goal of this system is to promote unity and shared wealth among the people of Libya.

    Libyan National Day

    How will Libya celebrate? There are going to be fireworks and festivals throughout the country along with a speech from the leaders of the country. We wish a happy national day to the people of Libya, and hope that the country will continue to prosper. To find out more about African holidays just Click Here.

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