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    Customer Spotlight ~ Dr. Lydia A. Woods

    Children in group Foster homes in Maricopa County in Arizona
    (children’s faces cannot be shown for privacy reasons)

    Dr. Lydia A. Woods (far right standing playing Djembe with shoulder strap)
    Volunteer Drumming Group “Umoja” meaning “Unity” in Swahili
    African Dundun Drums and Dashikis from Africa Imports

    I have been with Africa Imports since 2016. Dr. Lydia A. Woods is Founder and CEO of Drum Arizona, Inc,. a 501c3 non-profit organization which provides communities with the experience of African Djembe and Native American Style drumming. We give away African Djembe and handmade/hand painted Native American style drums to children who have experienced homelessness, hospitalization and foster care in Arizona. From donations, purchase small African Djembe drums from Africa Imports made in Senegal to give to children after experiencing an African Djembe drum circle. We also sale all of the Djembe drums, and instruments, as well as the Dashikis to help support our organization. Africa Imports drums, instruments and dashikis are of the highest quality and their customer service is very professional. We are not only helping children in Arizona but part of our purchase from Africa Imports helps children in African. We love giving back to children!

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