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    Customer Spotlight - Jeneva in Winterville, NC

    Why did you start your business? 

    The reason I started my business is because my son was diagnosed with OHI Adhd with a BIP and I kept missing work from the hospital so instead of firing me they said take time off to deal with him so he was home school and I needed to make money to support my 3 boys single mother at that.

    What do you love about what you do? 

    I love Meeting people, even though I don't like people they flock to me all the time where ever I go and I do love meeting new people all over so I travel a lot to vendor in other states

    How do you get most of your sales or find customers? 

    I am big on social media and referrals is my #1 resource

    What advice would you give to someone else wanting to start a business like yours?

    Study the craft perfect the product and be genuine never give up of its something you have a passion to do.

    ~Jeneva in Winterville, NC

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