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DAMAGED Gye Nyame Couple Wall Sculpture

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Add some authentic African craftsmanship to your home decor with this DAMAGED Gye Nyame Couple Wall Sculpture. This sculpture depicts an African woman and man back to back, with a large gye nyame symbol on top of their heads. Gye nyame is an Adinkra symbol meaning "Except for God", specifically "Fear nothing except for God". It represents God's omnipotence. The man and woman are wearing matching red clothing with wavy white stripes, plus the woman has a matching head wrap. This beautiful sculpture makes a wonderful addition to home decor. Your interpretation of this sculpture gives it life and meaning. Perhaps it means this couple will stand together forever with the power of God, or that putting God above themselves helps strengthen their relationship. Whatever your interpretation, this stunning sculpture is beautiful to look at and allows you to have an authentic piece of African culture in your home. Made in Ghana. BB-1102

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