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    Discover Ethnic Fabrics This Black History Month

    [caption id="attachment_3872" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Butterfly African Print Fabric"][/caption] With Black History Month well under way, now is a great time to enjoy the huge varieties of vibrant African fabrics. African fabrics come in many styles from hand-painted mudcloth to bold African prints. The African print fabric shown above is made using a wax print technique. Wax prints come in a huge variety of patterns and colors, and each one tells its own story. The colors often times hold significance as they can represent social standing, age, tribal orientation and marital status. Many times the wax print fabrics use pictures or symbols that promote religious themes, renowned individuals, historical occasions, popular songs and religious hymns. Using wax print fabrics in your clothing, crafts, or even alone as a tablecloth or wall hanging is a great way to celebrate African culture! Many people display the fabric in their homes as a wall hanging, so no sewing is required. To see all available wax print fabrics, Click Here. To see a huge selection of other fabrics just visit our Fabrics Page.
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