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    Discover the Healing Power of Neem Leaf Powder

    [caption id="attachment_3506" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Neem Leaf Powder"]Neem Leaf Powder[/caption] Find Healing in India's Most Famous Beauty Product Neem leaf powder has been used medicinally or for beauty purposes for centuries in India. Famous for ridding scalp of dandruff and itchiness, the powder can also remove lice and can help with skin allergies, and is a natural deodorant. When used on the skin, neem powder has an instant germicidal and anti bacterial action that cures bed sores, prickly heat, rashes, and acne. You can also steep neem leaf powder in your tea to relieve flatulence, improve digestion, improve immune health, and to clear congestion. NOT TO BE USED INTERNALLY BY PREGNANT WOMEN. M-P131 You can even see the medicinal properties of neem leaves in a 2005 scientific research report by Clicking Here. Find out more about neem leaf powder or get your own by Clicking Here.
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