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Wooden Ankh Earrings - LG

Sku: J-E116
Wholesale: $2.95 Retail: $5.90

African Horn Hoop Earrings

Sku: J-E650
Wholesale: $2.95 Retail: $5.90

Medium Fula Gold Earrings - 1"

Go for Gold!
Exotic Fula Gold Twist Earrings are made out of fula twisted bronze and capture the light for the 'look of REAL gold' that people love. Large and playfully shaped by Mali artisans in the heart of Africa. Prized by the Fulani people of West Africa for their expression of honor, status and wealth, these lightweight and comfy earrings are sure to be winners with their unique look and feel. 1" big. Made in Mali, West Africa. J-E330 fulani earrings fulani jewelryfulani earring faulani earings
Sku: J-E330
Wholesale: $6.45 Retail: $12.90

Maasai 3-Circle Earrings: Green

2.5" long. Some colors beads in the center may vary slightly. Made in Kenya. J-E647
Sku: J-E647
Wholesale: $1.99 Retail: $3.98

Over-Sized Silver Earrings: Gye Nyame

J-E617 Over-Sized Silver Earrings: Gye Nyame These elegant, over-sized Gye Nyame Silver Earrings are a unique accent for any ensemble. Gye Nyame is an extremely popular Adinkra symbol that expresses the deep faith that the Akans have in the Supreme being. The Gye Nyame symbols are engraved. 4-5" long. Made in Kenya. J-E617
Sku: J-E617
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Maasai Bead Rod Earrings - ASSORTED

Assorted colors, none can be specified. Earrings are sold seperately. J-E651. Made in Kenya
Sku: J-E651
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Set Of 3 Maasai Bead Cowrie Earrings

J-Set318 Set Of 3 Maasai Bead Cowrie Earings Playful and colorful this Set of 3 Maasai Bead Cowrie Earings adds a touch of genuine African style to your ensemble. The teardrop shaped earrings are made out of genuine Maasai cowrie beads. Each set of earrings has a different, traditional pattern in a variety of colors. The earrings are approximately 2” long. Made in Kenya. J-SET318
Sku: J-Set318
Wholesale: $8.95 Retail: $17.90

Cowrie Shell Bone Spiral Earrings

J-E655 - Cowrie Shell Bone Spiral Earrings Unique and eye-catching, these Cowrie Shall Bone Spiral Earrings let you accessorize in style. The cowrie shell has a long and potent history as symbol of both material wealth and spirituality in Africa. These earrings feature an oblong black and white bead on top, a polished white cowrie shell in the middle and gold spirals dangling from the bottom. J-E655
Sku: J-E655
Wholesale: $2.95 Retail: $5.90

Maasai 3-Circle Earrings: Yel+Blk Multi

2.5" long. Some colors beads in the center may vary slightly. Made in Kenya. J-E646
Sku: J-E646
Wholesale: $1.99 Retail: $3.98

African Bone Mask Earrings

J-E653 - African Bone Mask Earrings Dramatic and bold, these African Bone Mask Earrings are a uniquely crafted accent for any ensemble. The bone earrings are crafted in the shape of a black and white mask. They look like traditional African face masks. J-E653
Sku: J-E653
Wholesale: $2.95 Retail: $5.90

Set Of 6 Maasai Beaded Circle Earrings

Set of 6 Maasai beaded earrings. 1.75" long. Made in Kenya. J-SET334
Sku: J-Set334
Wholesale: $15.95 Retail: $31.90

Over-Sized Silver Earrings: Ankh

J-E616 Over-Sized Silver Earrings: Ankh The Ankh is a powerful symbol that dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. Bring some of that power into your life with these over-sized engraved Ankh earrings. Ankh symbols are made of elegant silver. 4-5" long. Made in Kenya. J-E616
Sku: J-E616
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90