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    Experience Black History Month With Your Kids!

    This Black History Month make it an experience for your whole family by discovering the innovators, heroes, and activists who we should all look up to. For parents and teachers, there are dozens of resources online for teaching your students or children about these people.

    Scholastic has a featured lesson plan on African American Inventors here. They also have a lesson plan and slideshow about the underground railroad here.

    Family Education has a whole page full of Black History Month crafts, coloring pages, lesson plans and more. You can find those here.

    Kaboose has a great introductory page for Black History Month, along with easy crafts and many informative articles geared towards children. Find those here.

    On our own web site you can find articles on how to celebrate Black History Month, and information about other holidays as well. Just Click Here! Have a blessed Black History Month with your whole family!

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