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Set Of 6 Assorted Necklace Sets

Sku: J-Set297
Wholesale: $14.95

Set Of 6 Girl's Brocade Top & Skirt Sets

Retail value of about $240. drastically reduced to $3.99 per set for minor imperfections and damages. Get 6 Girl's brocade top & skirt sets in assorted colors. You get a top, wrap skirt, and head scarf. Colors may vary from the photograph. Some may not have headscarves. Skirt sets vary in size for 2-4 year olds to 14-16 year olds. 100% cotton. BB-0092

**Bargain Basement items are marked down because of slight damage, staining, or imperfections that may warrant a return. ALL SALES FINAL. WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS FOR THIS PACKAGE**

Sku: BB-0092
Wholesale: $23.95

Set Of 7 African Jewelry Sets

Own all 7 Sets and Save $$$ Get one set free when you order the other six. Get seven sets shown here (J-S248, J-S310, J-S362, J-S363, J-S535, J-S556:Black, J-S964). J-Set16 Set changes regularly and may not be reflected in the photo. Ask the sales representative what is in the set currently. Photo is up to date as of March 5, 2018.
Sku: J-Set16
Wholesale: $47.70