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    Goat skin drum heads - how they are inspected and cared for

    The goatskin drum heads come to us directly from Africa. The goat skins are never perfect, but they are definitely better than average. Here is what we do. When the goat skins arrive, they are checked for quality. Some holes and other imperfections may be allowed around the edges. They treated with diazinon for bugs, and stored in a freezer until they are shipped to customers. Drum head freezer The fur or hair still comes off of the heads on its own where it has not already been removed before coming to us. We are not able to guarantee that there is no hair loss from bugs, but we do all that we can to prevent this. If there are holes in the goatskin when we receive them, we still accept the heads if the problems are not in the center of the skin; would not interfere with cutting out a sufficient size drum head from the skin, or are especially bad looking in some other way. Because of the type of product that this is, there is no perfect solution for us. You can know that we do all that can be done to make sure you have the best drum skins possible. m-m010drums Africa Imports checks every Djembe drum for a number of different strengths and potential problems. Find the best Djembe drums here.
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