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Gold & White 4pc Cowrie Shell Belt Set

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This stunning Gold & White 4pc Cowrie Shell Belt Set will have you accessorizing gorgeous outfits with ease. In African culture, cowrie shells represent fertility, wealth, and luck. Cowries were even used as currency in the past. This set comes with a belt, a choker necklace, a bracelet, and a pair of earrings.
  • The belt has three rows of cowrie shells with golden cowries in the central row. Golden cowries dangle at the bottom for extra flair.
  • The choker also has three rows of cowries with a golden center row and dangling cowries at the bottom.
  • The earrings have three cowries stacked on top of each other, a golden one in the middle.
  • The shell bracelet has three rows of cowries with golden cowries on the outer two rows, all between two black cords.

    These pieces can all be worn together or in various combinations for just the right touch. You can add the cowrie shell bracelet to a completed outfit, pair the cowrie shell necklace and earrings together, or you can arrange a full outfit based on the entire set. With such beautiful and versatile pieces, the choice is up to you. This beautiful set will easily take your look from boring to stunning. J-S740

    Made in Phillippines.

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