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Guerlain: Samsara (W) Type - 1/3 oz.

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Samsara is not for the timid. It is a complex fragrance, made in the tradition of the great French perfume houses. The woman who wears Samsara has left girlish crushes behind and is secure in her womanliness. She is a romantic who will reveal her sensuality – but only to the right man. Like all great perfumes, it needs time to ripen on your skin. It opens with a burst of florals and then slowly reveals its amber and sandalwood depths. This grandly romantic fragrance will conquer your heart – and then it will conquer his. O-G983
  • An opulent, intoxicating perfume made in the grand tradition.
  • who is it for? The confident woman in the full bloom of her femininity.
  • Where do I wear it? Reserve Samsara for romantic evenings. This is not a perfume to wear to work.
  • What are the notes? Ylang-ylang and other florals, vanilla, warm amber and sandalwood.
  • IFRA Compliance

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