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Handbags and Tote Bags

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African Print Coin Purse

Sku: C-A650
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Michelle Obama Tote Bag

17" wide x 14" high. Made in China. Outside made of plastic. Inside liing is polyester. C-A363
Sku: C-A363
Wholesale: $11.95 Retail: $23.90

Kente Clutch

C-A429 Kente Clutch Accessorize with authentic African style using this Kente Clutch. The clutch is rectangular and features a traditional Kente pattern in orange, green, black and red. It measures 10” long by 7” tall for style #1 and 12” long for style #2. C-A429

The Kente Clutch measures 10" long x 7" tall for style #1 and 12" long x 7" tall for style #2.

Sku: C-A429
Wholesale: $9.95 Retail: $19.90

Colors Of Ghana Kente Purse

Show African pride by walking down the street while carrying this kente purse. 14" x 13". Bamboo handle. Attached inner coin purse. Made in Ghana. C-A614
Sku: C-A614
Wholesale: $23.95 Retail: $47.90

Tote Bag: A Family Is Like A Forest...

Sku: C-A291
Wholesale: $5.95 Retail: $11.90

Kente Travel Bag: #3

A great travel bag that can fit into a small pouch when not in use. Very convenient. Fits in a purse or pocket. Just pull it out and unfold it whenever you need it. 15" x 16". 100% polyester. Made in Zambia. C-A649

Pattern in the fabric may vary from the photo.

Sku: C-A649
Wholesale: $4.95 Retail: $9.90

Set Of 3 Deluxe Royal Elephant Tote Bags

Get a set of three 100% cotton bags with embroidered elephant. 14” x 14”. Elephant color and stripe color varies. 14" x 14". Made in India. C-A183S
Sku: C-A183S
Wholesale: $21.95 Retail: $43.90

Traditional Print Beaded Tote Bag

Sku: C-A630
Wholesale: $27.95 Retail: $55.90

Small Leather Tuareg Neck Purse

Sku: C-A108
Wholesale: $13.95 Retail: $27.90

Traditional Print Handbag

Fabric made of 100% cotton. 14" x 17". Enclosed with a zipper with an inside zippered pocket. Metal studs at bottom so it can be free standing. Made in Kenya. C-A640
Sku: C-A640
Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $39.90

Kente Travel Bag: Yellow/Pink

Sku: C-A657
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Black & White Polka Dot Clutch

Sku: C-WH162A
Wholesale: $7.95 Retail: $15.90