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African Print Head Wrap: Light Blue

C-A295 African Print Head Wrap: Light Blue Protect your head and hair with this genuine African Print Head Wrap in Light Blue. The head wrap features a traditional African pattern of white, diamond outlines and splashes of bright colors on a light blue background. The full-sized head wrap measure 71” x 22”. Made in India of 100% cotton. C-A295
Sku: C-A295
Wholesale: $7.95 Retail: $15.90

Kente #2 Head Wrap

Sku: C-A432
Wholesale: $5.95 Retail: $11.90

Blue Checkered Head Wrap

Sku: C-A441
Wholesale: $5.95 Retail: $11.90

Set Of 3 African Print Head Wraps

Sku: C-A438S
Wholesale: $14.95 Retail: $29.90

Lime-Green Royalty Head Wrap

Sku: C-A439
Wholesale: $5.95 Retail: $11.90

Floral Patchwork Head Wrap

Sku: C-A456
Wholesale: $5.95 Retail: $11.90

African Print Head Wrap

Sku: C-A440
Wholesale: $5.95 Retail: $11.90

Red Interwoven Print Head Wrap

Red Interwoven Print Head Wrap Protect your head and your hair with this striking Red Interwoven Print Head Wrap. The head wrap features a distinctive pattern of woven red triangles on a blue background. The length of the wrap is 60-68” and the width is 16-23”. Length = 60-68" Width = 16-23" C-A455
Sku: C-A455
Wholesale: $5.95 Retail: $11.90