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    Asian Lemongrass Medicinal Tea: 100 Bags


    Sip your way to rejuvenation and health with lemongrass tea. Native to Africa, lemongrass has been recommended by practitioners for many different ailments. 100 bags

    Below are just a few of the benefits you can receive from drinking this tea:

    • Antioxidant healing - This tea is bursting with antioxidants, which help protect your cells from damage by free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that form when you are exposed to toxins. Over time, they can damage your cells and can cause chronic disorders and heart disease. The antioxidants in lemongrass tea can help prevent these problems.
    • Cancer Prevention - Compounds in lemongrass have properties that may lower your risk of developing cancer. Several laboratory studies confirmed that lemongrass attributes could prevent the growth of cancer cells. A study from Ben Gurion University in Israel concluded that a molecule called “citral” that is found in the Lemongrass plant induces programmed cell death in cancer cells without harming normal cells.
    • Better Rest - A cup of this tea can help promote a restful, relaxing sleep at night and is helpful for those who suffer from insomnia.
    • Stress relief - Lemongrass tea is known to reduce anxiety and tension and is often used to treat nervous disorders.

    Shelf life: 6-12 months

    Wholesale Price$11.95

    Tea Tree Essential Oil - 16 oz.


    Tea Tree Oil

    Discover natures solution to your skincare needs Tea tree oil is a highly effective antifungal/antibacterial skin soother, derived from the native tree ‘Melaleuca alternifolia’ in Australia. Though grown in Australia, this product is very popular for Nubian skin, because of its numerous healing benefits. Tea tree oil contains numerous organic nutrients that fight harmful bacterial and fungi and effectively prevent infection in cuts, scrapes, insect bites, and stings.

    Ingredients: Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Oil.

    Shelf life of 18-24 months.

    How tea tree oil can help you:

    • Heals Acne Pimples And Lesions
    • Relieves Symptoms Of Arthritis
    • Fights athletes foots, jock itch, and fungal nail infections
    • Heals Burns
    • Heals Boils
    • Anti-Itch
    • Improve Self Esteem
    • Soothes And Heals Cold Sores
    • Rapidly heals cuts and abrasions
    • Minimizes risks of scarring when applied to wounds
    • Heals dandruff and dry scalp
    • Soothes hemorrhoids
    • Helps Treat Earaches
    • Natural Hand Sanitizer
    • Clears away herpes sores
    • Heals infections
    • Heals psoriasis
    • Heals vaginal yeast infections, thrush, and vaginitis
    • Heals warts
    • Heals insect bites and stings

    How to use tea tree oil:

    • For Acne: Apply a drop or two to each acne lesion 3 times a day.
    • For Athletes Foot and Fungal Infections: Add about 20 drops to a foot bath, or rub a few drops on the infection.
    • For cuts and scrapes: Apply a few drops to wound 3 times a day.
    • For insect bites and stings: Apply 1 drop of oil to skin several times a day, or as needed.
    • Warts: Put several drops on a compress. Use overnight until the wart heals.
    • For vaginal infections: Put a 3-4 drops in a vaginal douche.
    • For dandruff and dry scalp: Add 5-6 drops to hair conditioner. Leave in for 2-3 minutes, then rinse.

    Possible Side Effects: Tea tree oil can irritate sensitive skin, especially in the vaginal area. It can also prompt an allergic reaction in some people. As a safety precaution, dab a small amount on your inner arm with a cotton swab before using the oil. If you are allergic your arm will quickly become red or inflamed.

    Cautions: Never ingest tea tree oil. It is for external use only, and should never be applied around the eyes.
    Melaleuca Alternifolia M-263

    Wholesale Price$49.95

    Moringa Scrub - 150 g

    Made in Pakistan. M-P479
    Wholesale Price$7.95

    Creamy African Shea Butter: White 1 Gal

    This gives you the creamy feel and the most effecient packaging, but with no loss of effectiveness. When shea butter is melted, the heating process can take away some of it's effectiveness.

    Use for moisturizing and rejuvenating skin and hair. Shea butter stimulates cellular activity and fights the effects of aging and repairs rough, damaged skin. Protects skin from wind, cold, and sun damage. Keeps healthy skin vibrant. Apply generously as needed. Natural scent will fade after application. 1 gallon. M-198

    Wholesale Price$47.95

    12 - ½ oz. Jars Of Shea Butter: White

    Perfect when you want to give samples or small portions to others. The same 100% pure shea butter from West Africa offers the same ultimate healing power that can not be found anywhere else. The 1/2 oz portions that you get here can each last for a long time because only a small portion of shea butter can help heal a large area of skin or hair. M-184W
    Wholesale Price$7.95

    Jay-Z Skincare Set

    Wholesale Price$5.95

    Black Seed Bitters Detox Beverage 32 oz.


    Black Seed Bitters Detox Beverage
    Detoxify and cleanse your body with this healing drink from Ghana. This powerful beverage is made with black seed oil - a healing ingredient that is bursting with amino acids, proteins, calcium, iron, potassium and more. Black seed oil works to detoxify your body, cleaning out your intestines from toxins that may have accumulated for years. These bitters also help to regulate the metabolism, balance insulin levels, regulate cholesterol, improve blood circulation and improve liver health. People who have a toxin-free body can enjoy improved all-over health along with increased energy, memory, and even sex drive!16 oz. H-063

    How do I know black seed oil works?
    Since 1959, over 200 studies at international universities have published articles in journals that show remarkable health benefits from using black seed oil. You can find many of these online or by asking your family doctor.

    How do I take the bitters?
    Simply drink 2 oz. of the bitters twice daily in the morning and night after meals.

    CAUTION: Keep away from children. Not for use during pregnancy, breastfeeding or the menstrual cycle. Keep refrigerated after opening. Do not mix with prescription drugs. Shake well before using.

    INGREDIENTS: Aloe vera, black seed oil, ginger, garlic, black pepper, cinnamon, mahogany bark, moringa leaves, flax seed, honey, clove, fennel seeds, senna, dandelion.

    This product is completely natural, organic, and free from chemicals, dyes, or additives.

    Wholesale Price$34.95

    Shea Buttter & Aloe Lotion - 13 oz.

    Wholesale Price$9.95

    Moringa Butter - 4 oz.

    Ingredients: Non-GMO Soy Butter Moringa Oil M-P538
    Wholesale Price$5.95

    6 Bags Of Assorted Chew Sticks

    The fun way to dental health
    Refresh yourself with this set of six chew stick varieties. These chew sticks are used as toothbrushes in Africa, and it's not hard to see why! They clean the teeth while strengthening the gums and freshening breath. You'll get the following six great flavors: Cherry, Grape, Peppermint, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Plain. Made in Turkey.
    Click here to know more about chew sticks.

    Click here to learn more about chew sticks!

    chewsticks chewstick chewing sticks chewsticks chewstickchewing sticks chewing stick dental care food
    Wholesale Price$59.95

    ClayDry Bold Deodorant - Palo Santo

    Wholesale Price$6.95

    ClayDry Dare Deodorant - Oud

    Wholesale Price$6.95