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Hibiscus Flower Whole - 4 oz.

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Utilize the many benefits of hibiscus with this Hibiscus Flower Whole - 4 oz. Dried hibiscus can help you make delicious, mouth-watering drinks that will have everyone begging for your recipe. You can boil it in water and add honey to make a simple tea, or take it up a notch and add extra flavors for a more complex taste. You can also use it to make syrup, jam, and baked goods. You can even make some fun cocktails for weekend brunch with the ladies. Best of all, it’s straight from nature—not pre-made with hidden chemicals.

Hibiscus isn’t just great internally—it can improve your skin and hair when applied topically as well. Hibiscus helps the skin retain moisture and supports natural collagen production. It also contains antioxidants and AHAs that help reduce the appearance of pores. Plus, hibiscus is often used to reduce hair shedding and to help stimulate hair growth when applied to the scalp. Some even use it as a hair dye due to its reddish tint. Brew up a tasty drink or a moisturizing skin and hair treat with this whole hibiscus flower. Country of origin: Nigeria. M-R068

How to use hibiscus flower: You can boil it in water to infuse the nutrients, or you can grind it into a powder to be mixed into whatever you want. Making a powder is easy—simply pulse/grind the flowers in a blender until powdered, sieve to ensure a fine size, and you’re done!

For tea: boil ½ cup of hibiscus flower in ¾ cup of water for 5 minutes. Strain. Drink as is or add your favorite flavors like lemon or honey. Chill for iced tea. M-R068

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