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    How much work do people do on their websites?

    About two months ago, we began offering websites for our wholesale customers who needed a website. So far there are 30 different African stores who have set up their websites this way. Since then, here is what has happened with these new website owners. Some of these people have been set up in just the last few weeks; and have not really had a chance to do anything more yet. Other people don't plan to do anything more with their website. They have a basic site that gives them more credibility with their customers, and they are not ready to spend any extra time building or promoting their website right now. Some people may be expecting that lots of customers will start calling them now that they have a website. Most people know that customers will not find their website (or be persuaded to buy something) without some extra effort. Out of 30 websites, there are four that have had very much traffic. I talked with two of these people today; and they were both really happy with their websites. One woman had no previous website experience; but had been able to improve her website a lot by reading the online tutorials that come with the website. She had also had several new customers who called her from some internet ads she had run. Now she is passing out cards about her website to people she knows. She is expecting to grow her business more when people remember her from both her website and the card that she gives out. So there are a lot of people who don't work on their websites very much. If you are one of the few people who does, your competition is probably easier than you think. A lot of other people are just too busy with other things to build their websites enough to make any good money at it. The African website that you can get from us is the fastest, easiest, and lowest cost website we could put together. It is perfect for someone just starting out. It gives you a basic African website for your business; and gives you the chance to build things more whenever you are ready. You don't get any technical or design support, but if you are willing to make the effort, you have all of the you get all of the things that you need to build this with. If you don't do anything more, you at least have your business on the internet If you want to find out more, just go to

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