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    How Soy Milk Benefits Your Skin

    Soy Milk Soap

    Many people drink soy milk, but did you know you can get many of the same benefits by using soy milk on your skin? Soy milk is a favorite among nutrition experts, who believe that soy extract is mandatory for total bath and body health. Soy milk is chock full of proteins, amino acids, and lipids found in soy beans that allow for rapid hydration and cell regeneration. Soy also has a natural source of phytoestrogens, which are beneficial in the regeneration of a woman’s skin. Phytoestrogens help women keep a youthful appearance as they replicate female hormones. Soy lipids are high in vitamin E, which helps to regenerate damaged tissue and brings moisture to the skin. What about aging? Soy also is instrumental in repairing the skin, and keeping it soft and flexible, therefore avoiding the natural process of aging. Soy lipids are also a good antioxidant and aid in eliminating free radicals from the skin.

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