How to Make Mint Tea


Do you ever want to feel revitalized? Try drinking a cup of mint tea. Mint tea Is an easy and delicious way to feel revitalized. Mint tea can reduce stress and fatigue; relieve headaches; ease digestive problems; and help unclog stuffy noses.

To make a cup of fresh mint tea, just pour boiling water over a handful of fresh mint and let it steep for 3- 7 minutes. If you breathe in the steam while you wait for it to cool, you’ll get aromatherapy benefits too.

Spearmint has a milder taste and can help with menopause problems. Peppermint can ease headaches and indigestion. A cup or two of hot peppermint tea is the best way to get rid of excess gas. Do not take peppermint if you have heartburn or GERD—it can actually  make those problems worse.

The most convenient way to make mint tea is to buy mint tea bags. This is also a good way to combine mint with other health-giving herbs. Try hibiscus mint tea and moringa mint tea to dissolve stress and increase energy.