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    How would I spend $500. to grow my business winner

    This idea was sent in by Georges in Guthrie, NC If I was offered $ 500. to grow my business,here are some of the things I would do: 1) Choose a special "SALE DAY" period ( 1-3 days) 2) Make brochures & fliers about the "SALE" period 3) Invite my constant customers; and ask them to bring at one new person to get a gift or a prize. 4) Invest about $ 75.00 for GIVEAWAY products or sample of my bestselling products. 5) Put about $ 100.00 us to cook some food,get drink & snacks. 6) Have some good "Afro-Carribean & ethnic" music playing 7) Make an album picture for my customers wearing clothes or jewelry purchased from my business. 8) Use about $250.00 for best selling items & set up a display for them. 9) Have some DVD video playing showing & explaining the benefit of African products. 10) Register all new customers
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