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    How would you invest $500. to grow your business?

    Over 300 people wrote in with their answers last week. Most people writing in said that they would buy more products to sell. 71% of the ideas included buying more products. Most of these people said that having more products was the absolute most important thing for them. The #1 hindrance to becoming successful is not having enough products to sell. If you don't have enough products for what your customers need, you can't sell anything. It is like working for less than minimum wage. So what do you do if you don't have enough money to start. A lot of businesses borrow money; and maybe this is the best thing for you. Some people can stay very disciplined, so that they spend all of their income on new products. A lot of other people though, say that they are committed, but then spend their profits on other things right away instead of getting more products to sell. Even if everything doesn’t sell fast, you should focus their early efforts on getting extra inventory. Your customers will start to know that you have what they need; you will get more sales; and your business will grow faster. I'll be adding more of these responses to this blog during the coming weeks.
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