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    Black Massive Bone Pendant Necklace Set

    Large bone pendant accented with pearl like beads and long bone. 10" long with clasp. Includes matching earrings. Made in India.
    Wholesale Price$7.95

    Set Of 4 Ghanaian Waist Beads

    J-Set407 Set of 4 Waist Beads Show off your shapely waist with this Set of 4 Waist Beads. The waist beads are a colorful and stylish alternative to a traditional belt. They feature an unbroken string of beads. Fits up to a 44” waist, approx 48" long. Made in Africa. J-SET407 Wrap your full strand of waist beads around your waist along your pants line (or however high up you want to wear the beads). Remove any additional beads by pulling them off the string. Tie 3-4 tight knots where the beads end. Cut close to the knot leaving 1/2cm or more then burn clipped ends with lighter.
    Wholesale Price$19.95

    Tri-Color Maasai Pendant Necklace Set

    J-S571 Tri-Color Maasai Pendant Necklace Set Show your African pride with this genuine Tri-Color Massai Pendant Necklace Set. This bold set features a beaded black choker with a large, circular beaded pendant that has a tri-color Massai design. It comes with matching beaded earrings. The necklace is hand crafted and there are slight differences in the beaded designs. The choker is adjustable up to 26”. The pendant is 3.5”. The earrings 2”. Made in Kenya. J-S571

    There are slight differences in the beading as they are hand made. None can be specified.

    Wholesale Price$7.95

    Royal Jewelry Set: Brass & Copper

    Wholesale Price$7.95

    Set Of 7 Bone & Brass Earrings

    Wholesale Price$24.95

    Set Of 6 Horn & Shell Earrings - ASSRTD

    Wholesale Price$15.95

    Traditional Maasai Choker & Earrings Set

    Fits up to a 20" neck. 3" earrings. Made in Kenya. J-S608
    Wholesale Price$5.95

    Golden Africa Beaded Maasai Choker Set

    J-S618 - Golden Africa Beaded Maasai Choker Set Regal and stylish, this Golden Africa Beaded Massai Bead Choker Set is a distinctive accent for any ensemble. The choker is made of fine beads. It has three circular pendants of ascending size hanging from it. The choker and the pendants are made of fine, brightly colored beads. The pendants have small gold African continents set in the center of them. Comes with matching earrings. J-S618
    Wholesale Price$11.95

    Set Of 3 Wood African Continent Earrings

    J-Set374 Set Of 3 Wood African Continent Earrings Show your African pride with this Set of 3 African Continent Earrings. The wooden earrings are shaped like the African Continent. One pair of the earrings has African Forever burned into them. Another pair has Wakanda burned into them. The final pair has an Egyptian hieroglyph, the “Anch” cross (which an ancient symbol for life) burned it them. With 3 sets of earrings you can wear them and share them. J-SET374
    Wholesale Price$7.95

    Maasai Bead Leather Pendant Choker Set

    Handmade traditional Maasai choker and earring set. Adjustable up to 8". 4" pendant. 2" earrings. Made in Kenya. J-S606
    Wholesale Price$8.95

    Agate Gemstone Necklace & Earring Set

    20" Long Necklace Triangle bejeweled pendant leads to three strands of dangled jewel strands. Earrings 1.5". Made in India.
    Wholesale Price$9.95

    Set Of 12 Double Cowrie Shell Earrings

    J-Set370 Set Of 12 Double Cowrie Shell Earrings The cowrie shell has been a powerful symbol in Africa for thousands of years. They represent material prosperity and have been used as money. They also have great spiritual significance and have used in magical work and as symbols of the ocean and fertility since the days of ancient Egypt. Bring some of that power into your life with this Set of 12 Double Cowrie Earrings. The earrings feature red, yellow and green beads with doubled up, polished, white cowrie shells dangling down. With 12 pairs of earrings in the set you can pass on the power of cowrie shells to your friends. J-SET370
    Wholesale Price$17.95