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    Kente Print Kimono & Pant Set

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    SKU: C-WH909
    Retail Price: $79.90
    Top is 52" in length and will fit a 46" Bust. Pants have a 30" waist that will stretch up to 46" with a 39" length and 27" inseam. Made in India of 100% cotton.
    Packing Weight : 1.88 lb(s)
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    Elegant and stylish, this Kente Print Kimono and Pant Set makes a feminine addition to any wardrobe. The kimono robe has the traditional wide and draping kimono sleeves. It ties at the waist with a belt and falls to below the knee. The wide-legged palazzo pants have an elastic waist. The set features a traditional Kente patchwork design of geometric stripes, squares, and triangles in red, pink, yellow, green, and blue with black edging. The top is 52” in length and will fit a 46” bust. The pants have a length of 39” with a 27” inseam. They have a 30” waist that will stretch up to 46”. Made in India of 100% cotton.C-WH909
  • Top is 52" in length and will fit a 46" Bust. Pants have a 30" waist that will stretch up to 46" with a 39" length and 27" inseam.
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